Healthier Fast Food Breakfasts Options

Next time you’re in a hurry, fuel up with these quick yet healthy fast food breakfast options. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Breakfast On-the-Go

Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but it’s also the one we have the least time for. But before you go without-or grab an over-sized bagel or donuts check out the latest fast food offerings. Many are actually good for you and slimming too. Continue reading “Healthier Fast Food Breakfasts Options”

The CHRIS Lifestyle

Chris Acronym

CHRIS is an acronym for a health and fitness lifestyle.

  • C – Clean Eating
  • H – High Fiber
  • R – Rest
  • I – Ice Cream
  • S – Strength Training

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Science backed ways to lose weight. Part IV

California Dreaming
California Dreaming

31. Gulp H2O

Kick the diet beverages and vitamin enhanced money traps and reach for good ‘ole H2O instead. Drinking water helps people feel full, and as a result, consume fewer calories. Drinking water also significantly elevates resting energy expenditure (basically the number of calories we’d burn if we sat around all day) and lower water intake is associated with obesity. Continue reading “Science backed ways to lose weight. Part IV”

Science backed ways to lose weight. Part III

Protein Lunch21. Steer Clear of Simple Carbs

Simple carbs are the white stuff – white bread, most pastries, refined sugars (like in soda). What makes it so simple? These foods provide energy, but lack the same  nutrients (vitamins, minerals, and fiber) as complex carbohydrates. The body also breaks simple carbs down quickly, spikes blood sugar (insulin), and leaves your tummy might rumbling sooner than you imagined. Choose whole grains instead, which may reduce potentially dangerous excess abdominal fat buildup (which can lead to diabetes). Switch to whole-wheat pasta or whole grain bread, or try grains like brown rice, quinoa, or millet.

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