Science Backed Ways to Lose Weight. Part VII


60. Get Hot in Bed

Working up a sweat in bed can burn more than 144 calories in just a half an hour. Having sex also reduces blood pressure and overall stress levels (and stress can lead to weight gain). Need we say more?

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Science Backed Ways to Lose Weight. Part VI

51. Choose Free Weights

We’ve already praised strength training, but it gets even better when you set yourself free. And by that, we mean step off the leg-press and start squatting with a pair of dumbbells. Working out with free weights can activate muscles more effectively, and as we’ve learned, muscle can torch calories.

52. Get Trackin’

Writing stuff down may be helpful, but it’s tough to accurately gauge how much we move every day (and not just on the treadmill). Invest in an on-body device like the BodyMedia trackers or the Nike+ FuelBand to monitor energy burn. Or invest in a pedometer to track daily steps. Studies show that individuals who walk more tend to be thinner than those who walk less, and pedometer-based walking programs result in weight loss.

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Simple suggestions to control hunger

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If you’re constantly hungry, whether it’s due to creating a calorie deficit to lose weight or because you train like a badass beast, feeling controlled by hunger symptoms all day long is no way to live — YOU can be in control of your hunger.

Protein Lunch

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Want to look a decade young?

Vegas Blue

Scientists discovered that people who work out the most have a huge advantage when it comes to aging.

If you want your body to stay young, you might want to exercise more. Scientists recently found that only people who exercise the most actually benefit at a cellular level.