Healthy Foods Have More Sugar Than You Think

Think you’re eating healthy? You might want to think again. Sugar hides everywhere in our diets.

Aside from the occasional birthday cake or candy binge, you might think you’re a healthy eater most of the time. But sugar lurks in more than just the obvious places, like candy bars and cupcakes. In fact, some so-called “nutritious” go-tos are actually packed with enough sugar to satisfy a mouth full of sweet tooths (er, sweet teeth?), and then some.

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Do You Eat Too Much? Break This And Other Bad Food Habits.

Nutritionists would call a three margarita meal a no-no. I call it the highlight of my week. Lots of so called food faux pas—eating until you’re good and stuffed, skipping breakfast to save time—are things we need to do once in a while to survive. Sure, unhealthy eating habits can cause everything from weight gain to sluggishness. The good news is that with minimal effort, you can make up for most not-so-good food decisions. Put these damage-control strategies to work and start gaining healthy food habits.

Bad Food Habit: You Blow Off Breakfast
The thought of food at the crack of dawn makes you queasy. But your brain (which runs on glucose) and body need a little something in the morning.

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